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Another vtol partner for Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines, an American regional airline based in Phoenix, AZ and operating fleets on behalf of partners including DHL, continues to partner with aerospace technology innovators. After Flirtey last year, Elroy Air from South San Francisco, CA has registered Mesa's intent to order of 150 "Chaparal" aircraft to serve the express parcel and healthcare sectors.


Introduced as "the first end-to-end autonomous vertical take-off and landing aerial cargo system", this vtol can autonomously pick up 225 kg of cargo and deliver it up to 480 km.


Clint Cope, co-founder and president of Elroy Air: "We have designed an aircraft that behaves like a hybrid between a rough-and-ready helicopter and a battle-hardened bush plane, that can pick up cargo up anywhere with a 4.6 sqm landing area." (ah)




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