• Photo: Antonov Airlines


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Antonov Airlines moves Apache helicopters

Antonov Airlines flew four Apache AH-64E attack helicopters on behalf of Boeing, from Phoenix AZ, USA, to Hindan Airforce Base in India. An AN-124-100, which can accommodate up to five Apache helicopters, transported the cargo weighing 39 t including the dismantled rotor blades.


Jon Roland, Boeing programme manager: "The Antonov Airlines team was responsive to support deadlines while applying for the complex overflight permits required for military cargo. They partnered with us to secure the required clearance and permissions, creating a cooperative environment to ensure smooth delivery."

Amnon Ehrlich, commercial dDirector, Antonov Airlines USA: "The loading started in the early hours to avoid the high temperatures. Following a night-time departure, the mission was completed 24 hours later." (ah)



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