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Antonov completing AN-132D without Russia

After announcing the termination of its longstanding cooperation with Russian partners, the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov has now outlined its plans to complete the construction process with vendor items originating from other countries.


"We will complete construction of the AN-132D aircraft demonstrator with a Saudi Arabian partner by the end of this year. Next year we have to complete the replacement programme for Russian-made vendor items, which began in summer 2015. Agreements with suppliers from Europe, Canada, the USA and Ukraine have been already reached," said Oleksandr Kotsiuba, Antonov’s president.


After that, the transport aircraft specialist will start the serial production of new Antonov aircraft, particularly the AN-178 series.


In addition, Antonov is currently working on the modernization of the renowned AN-124-100 transporter that is operated by Antonov Airlines and the Russia-based Volga-Dnepr Group.




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