• The last shares of the ATGT terminal in Gioia Tauro transferred.


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Auto Terminal Gioa Tauro fully in new hands

The Italian logistics provider Automar has recently completed the acquisition of the Auto Terminal Gioia Tauro (ATGT) by taking over the remaining 50% of its corporate capital from the German group BLG Logistics.


The terminal, rebranded Auto Mar Gioia Tauro, will subsequently be incorporated into the buyer's corporate group that is currently owned by Bertani, Grimaldi Group and Mercurio. The Gioia Tauro car storage and handling terminal was founded in 1999 by the BLG Logistics group, a major player in vehicle logistics handling in Europe.


In 2016, Automar acquired the first 50% of the shares of ATGT and deployed the terminal for the car carrier connections of the Grimaldi Group. The ATGT terminal currently covers an area of 320,000 sqm with a storage capacity of approximately 18,000 vehicles. Founded in 1974, Automar is a prominent provider of integrated logistics services in Southern Italy. (mw)


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