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Avensis: a "PTEF" conversion solution

Avensis Aviation, a London-based engineering and design company for the aviation industry, has developed a new e-commerce express cargo wide-bodied conversion solution. The "Avensis Medius Evo" is an evolution of its current A330-200 and A330-300 "Medius Class E" PTF (passenger-to-freighter) solution.


Announced as the first-of-its-kind passenger to e-commerce freighter (PTEF) solution, this PTF aims to optimise the aircraft's empty weight, increase its fuel efficiency, and accelerate loading and unloading times, enabling users to enhance their cargo operations while addressing market yield and cargo weight fluctuations.


Like the basic model, the evolution is a fully reversible PTF solution. The class E cabin is retained but with an introduction of a cargo loading system using custom ULD pallets. (ah)




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