• Box number 5,000 is on its way.


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Baltic Sea Bridge reaches first milestone

Since the end of March, Mukran Port Terminals has been operating, in cooperation with DBO Bahnoperator, a fixed sea link, flagged Baltic Sea Bridge, as part of the New Silk Road between Asia and Europe.


With the Mukran port and industrial zone and the handling of short sea container loads the Baltic Sea Bridge serves as an interface for the United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance (UTLC ERA) to western Europe.


After increasing the frequency and deploying a larger vessel, the still young corridor is preparing for its next milestone. The MS "Milady" is currently conveying its 5,000th container unit (teu) towards Baltijsk in the Kaliningrad area in Russia.


"The Mukran – Baltijsk connection has done well over the last six months. We are eager to see how fast we can reach the 10,000 teu mark," says Arne Ehlers, managing director of the BREB shipping company that manages the charter process for Baltic Sea Bridge. (mw)


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