• Ruling out risks for people and costly disruptions.


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Best practices for safety in container handling

All for one and one for all! In an attempt to improve safety, reduce injuries and equipment damage as well as minimising business disruption at ports and terminals worldwide, PEMA, TT Club and ICHCA International have joined forces to make available information to promote collision prevention.


While PEMA represents container crane and technology manufacturers, TT Club and ICHCA International represent container terminals. Technologies for collision prevention with container handling are there, but many of these are not currently included in national or international standards.


The joint whitepaper suggests that such technologies should be installed on new and existing equipment and covers major features and types of non-contact technologies for collision prevention at ports and terminals. Collision Prevention at ports & terminals is now available free from the websites of TT Club, PEMA and ICHCA.


This information paper does not included any binding obligations and is independent of the various local, national and international regulatory regimes on the safe design, manufacture, specification and operation of the various equipment types, which must also be complied with. (fd)




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