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Boeing's big cargo drone makes first outdoor flight

Boeing has completed the first outdoor flight tests of the cargo air vehicle (CAV), taking off, hovering, transitioning to forward flight and then landing safely. Powered by an electric propulsion system, the CAV is designed to carry a payload up to 500 pounds (227 kg), opening up new possibilities for transporting goods in various industries. In the coming months, flight tests will focus on forward flight, loads analysis and vehicle performance.

Since it was unveiled in 2018, the CAV has evolved from an initial concept to a prototype air vehicle. Researchers and engineers refined the design through indoor testing, flight simulations and lab research. The vehicle now features six dual-rotor systems and twelve propellers. It is 5.33 m long, 6.1 m wide and 1.52 m tall, and weighs 500 kg. (ah)


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