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bremenports improves its climate balance

Bremen’s ports have been able to reduce their emissions by 70% over the last eight years. The current aim is to make the port infrastructure completely C02 neutral by the end of 2023. The port management company bremenports drafted a sustainability strategy already in 2009.


Since then, the ports have mapped out a plan of measures for a sustainable and resource-saving utilisation of energy, increased the share of renewable power up to more than 90% and equipped 67 lighting masts with LED technology. Furthermore, they created the Luneplate, a nature reserve of European importance (s. ITJ Daily of 14.08.2019).


Since the beginning of this year, Siemens, the German research centre for artificial intelligence (DFKI), the TU Berlin and the institute of recycling economy at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, have been working, under the coordination of bremenports, on a “smart ports application concept for the integration of renewable energies”. The conception phase ends in September 2020. The concrete implementation of this concept is planned to take place from 2021 to 2025. (fd)




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