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Broekman Logistics scores above average on SQAS

Broekman Logistics Antwerp (Belgium) scores above average on the SQAS-results from 2019. The company reaches an increase of 17%, compared to the last test. SQAS stands for safety and quality assessment for sustainability and is tested every three years.


During the last measurement, the Antwerp site, at that time still part of the VLS-Group, scored an overall score of 65%. In 2019, Broekman Logistics Antwerp scores with 82% higher than the average logistics services provider. Anton van Dongen, director operations, states that the increase is due to various improvements that have been made since Broekman Logistics took over the Belgian activities from the VLS-Group.


"This score-improvement marks an important step in strengthening the trust of existing customers, as well as making the organisation attractive for potential new customers. As an organisation, we have made a joint effort to implement initiatives of all kinds."


This score not only compliments the efforts in Antwerp; safety and sustainability challenges are being assessed across the entire organisation of the group. (mw)




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