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Car maker introduces e-trucks

Skoda is trialling two electric trucks in Mlada Boleslav, Czechia. The vehicles produced by German truck manufacturer Framo are being used to transport goods within the plant, and more e-trucks are in the pipeline. Equipped with standard semitrailers, they will have replaced diesel-powered trucks on the respective routes by next May.


The next step will involve transporting BEV batteries through the Mlada Boleslav plant on specially made, shortened semitrailers from June 2022. For this purpose, the semitrailers will be equipped with conveyor technology for automatic pallet loading and unloading.


The range of the locally zero-emission trucks is 80 km per charge. By using these vehicles instead of diesel-powered units, the Czech car manufacturer hopes to save 60 t of CO2 each year. (ben)




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