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Cartonplast Group opens new site

Cartonplast (CPL) has opened a new service and logistics centre in Schweitenkirchen (Bavaria, Germany). In July, the 5,000 sqm hall was rented and, after only three months of construction, the new location for the servicing of rentable reusable transport layer pads was put into operation.


15 million plastic layer pads (PLP) are inspected here every year, hygienically cleaned, delivered to customers in the container industry (glass and PET containers and cans) and returned. Defective polypropylene intermediate layers are 100% recycled and processed into new ones, which are then reintroduced into the logistics cycle.


The company currently has 20 new employees in Schweitenkirchen. CPL is investing a total of around EUR two million in the new plant, which is to be expanded in the future. Next year it is planned to also clean plastic pallets at this location. (mw)




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