• C.H. Powell celebrates its 100th anniversary.


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C.H. Powell Company celebrates 100th anniversary

C.H. Powell Company, a global logistics specialist, has celebrated its 100th anniversary. The company is a founding member and shareholder of Tandem Global Logistics Network, a global network of freight forwarders.


Founded by Charles H. Powell in March of 1919, C.H. Powell Company was the first customs house broker to be licensed in the port of Boston (MA, USA). Starting with five employees handling imports and exports, the company soon assumed an international character with the opening of its Liverpool (UK) and New York (USA) offices in 1925 and 1929, respectively.


“Looking back on 100 years of C.H. Powell Company, we are proud of our expansion and that the company has remained a family business,” says Steven Powell, vice president of C.H. Powell Company. “Many dedicated people have made our success possible. With them, we look towards a promising future.” (mw)




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