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Channel Port of Dieppe renews its board

Following last June’s elections, the 'Syndicat Mixte' Channel Port of Dieppe has now named the members of the bureau of its board of directors. Jean-François Bloc, regional councillor and Dominique Patrix, community councillor of Dieppe Maritime, have been appointed chairman and vice-chairman, respectively.


Therefore, the members of the new board are: Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, Jean-François Bloc and Catherine Morin-Desailly for the Normandy region, Alain Bazille and Nicolas Langlois for the Seine-Maritime department and Dominique Patrix for the Dieppe Maritime board of directors.


The Channel Port of Dieppe will focus on the following projects: Improving access conditions for large ships, adapting cross-Channel facilities to the new passenger control procedures of May 2022 and upgrading yachting facilities. (cj)




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