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China already recovering?

There is a silver lining on the horizon. Volumes at the Port of Shanghai have increased since mid-May, Chicago-based intelligence provider Four Kites report.


At this stage, the 14-day average ocean shipment volume is down only 4% compared to 12 March (the day before lockdowns went into effect). This is up from mid-May, where shipment volume was down as much as 25% over the same period.


The respective average volume is 4% up at Shenzhen and up 11% at the Port of Hong Kong. Dwell times for import shipments continue to recover at the Port of Shanghai, with the 14-day average import dwell time now at 6.5 days.


This is a decrease of 42% compared to the peak in late April, but is still 87% higher than levels seen in mid-March. Export dwell times at the Port of Shanghai remained elevated, with the 14-day average export dwell time at 7.5 days, a 53% increase over mid-March.


In the rest of China, import dwell times remained relatively stable, while dwell times for exports continued to increase. The 14-day average ocean dwell time at all non-Shanghai Chinese ports is now 9.7 days, an increase of 34% compared to mid-March. (sh)




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