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Chinese masks en route to Russia

RZD Logistics (RZDL) is organizing a series of shipments of medical devices from China to different Russian cities to aid their battle against Covid-19. The deliveries are carried out on behalf of the Russian government.


The first container train, which departed from Shanghai on 19 April, hauled, inter alia, 14 teu stuffed with 85 t of triple-layer masks (20 million pcs.). The northern transit route in Russia through Zabaikalsk to the Vorsino station (Kaluga region) is used for this service. Containers will be detached along the route in Yekaterinburg (Russia), and then the train will proceed according to the established schedule, said RZDL. In Yekaterinburg, the cargo will be customs-cleared, and the masks will go to medical facilities in the Urals and neighbouring regions. (ben)




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