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Chipolbrok`s great anniversary

Chinese-Polish shipping company Chipolbrok is celebrating its 70th anniversary. In the early 1950s, the People's Republic of China formed a start-up with a newly founded POL Polish-Ocean Lines. Both parties invested in it in equal shares of 50% and the contract of cooperation was finally inked in Tianjin on 15 June 1951.


In accordance with the contract, the company’s head office was set up in Tianjin, later in Shanghai, and a branch office was opened in Gdynia, Poland.


After humble beginnings with small and old tonnage, the first ships of the so called “Orkan-type” were delivered in 2003/2004 and, after a probationary period, a further six followed between 2009 and 2011.


The fleet was then grown to 18 company-owned ships. In peak seasons, the company deployed even as many as 21 MPP vessels. In 2015, the door was opened for a new generation of a previously unseen type of multi-purpose vessel, the so-called “Pacific” type with a dwt capacity of 31,600 t, bale space of almost 40,000 cbm and a lifting capacity of 700 t. (cd)




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