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Ciblex joins Eurodis

Eurodis has integrated Ciblex as a member for France to strengthen its international transport network for parcels and pallets in 36 European countries.


In Belgium, the national Ciblex organisation already became a Eurodis member in 2015. In France, Ciblex holds the third position in the national express delivery market and is owned by European Healthcare Distribution Holding (EHDH).


“Ciblex fits very well into our network, as it has a strong focus on quality and B2B services," says Jens Reibold, managing director of Eurodis. “On an operational level we have a step by step integration of Ciblex,” notes Jens Reibold. “This means that we do not hand over all our volume to Ciblex at once, but in phases based on the dispatch country.”


In parallel, Ciblex handles its export shipments through Eurodis. “Before we had a pure delivery partner in France. Therefore, the integration of Ciblex is a strategic change, and we are happy to have gained a member who is committed to further develop our network.” (mw)




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