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02.04.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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Combatting skills shortage in inland navigation

In response to the acute labour shortage in European inland waterway transport, the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) hosted a workshop in Strasbourg on 14 March 2024 to explore initiatives to enhance the sector's attractiveness.


The event brought together representatives from CCNR member states, the EU Commission, international organisations, and the industry to discuss the current state of the labour market and brainstorm solutions. Key topics included the ageing workforce, east-to-west labour migration, and the need for innovative recruitment strategies.


Efforts to address the shortage include financial support for training, digital platforms for information dissemination, and various promotional activities to attract a diverse range of candidates, including young people, career changers, and unemployed individuals.


The workshop highlighted the importance of improving working conditions, offering clear career progression, and modernising training methods to make the sector more appealing. Suggestions for policy changes, such as shortening training duration and recognising non-formal learning, were also discussed.


The CCNR emphasised the need for continued collaboration among stakeholders to tackle the recruitment challenges and ensure the sustainability of inland waterway transport in Europe. (pb)




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