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Containers by hyperloop in Hamburg?

The hyperloop concept is about transporting people and goods at high speed through a tube. The idea has become the joint vision of the German port operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik (HHLA) and the US-based research and development company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT).


Both companies want to work together to turn the concept into reality and have established a joint venture to achieve this. The JV’s goal is to develop and later market a hyperloop transport system for shipping containers.


The partners initially plan to build a transfer station for testing purposes at a HHLA terminal in Hamburg and develop a transport capsule for standard shipping containers. The transport capsules that will be deployed are accelerated up to a speed of 1,000 km/h by magnetic levitation technology in a tunnel in which there is a partial vacuum.


A test track for transporting people and goods is currently under construction in Toulouse (France). (kd)




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