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Copper shifted from road to rail

Copper coils are sensitive to moisture and susceptible to rust. They are therefore loaded onto trucks directly at Schwermetall Halbzeugwerk’s plant in Stolberg (Germany).


In order to shift the cargo to the climate-friendly railways in future, the coil manufacturer has joined forces with its partner, material handling and recycling specialist Pereonite Schotterwerke, to build a transhipment hall at the plant. Protected from the weather, the coils will be loaded directly onto DB Cargo goods trains in the new hall. The railfreight option will save 80 t of CO2 per year. 


The new facility is scheduled to open by the end of Q2/2024. DB Cargo will transport the copper coils to Schwermetall's customers from August this year, initially with two trains a week. (ben)




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