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17.11.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

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Cosco partners with Varamar

Varamar DMCC and ASL Shipping, a Cosco group entity, have entered a strategic partnership to enhance their trade operations. Offering services for various types of cargo, Varamar operates mainly in the 3,000-30,000 dwt range and has expanded globally with ten branches. Cosco focuses on larger vessels (28,000-60,000 dwt) in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.


The partners aim to enhance their market share and includes joint marketing, sharing vessel availability, and mutual support in adjacent trades.


The collaboration will be coordinated on the Shipnext platform, with Kaptan Singh (Malik) leading the initiative alongside Niraj Mehta and Andy Zhuang of Varamar. (pb)




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