• Photo: DB Cargo


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Cutting edge gear for 70,000 wagons by 2020

DB Cargo wants to equip its entire freight wagon fleet of around 70,000 wagons with state-of-the-art sensors and telematics systems by 2020. Some 19,000 wagons will be retrofitted by the end of the current year, and 50,000 more units will follow up to 2020. A total of 1,000 wagons have already been equipped with the cutting edge technology.


Wagon digitalisation will lead to great improvements for clients. For example, the use of GPS will enable direct, constant wagon tracking, which will make it possible to estimate the time of arrival.


On top of that, sensors will provide information about the wagon load’s condition – such as its temperature and humidity. Last but not least, the German railfreight operator wants to fit its entire wagon fleet in Germany with whisper brakes – again by 2020. (ben)




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