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Developing an electrical airship platform

Skyborne Technology (STI), Research in Flight (RIF) as prime contractor and Auburn University from Alabama (USA) are now prototyping an electric extended range airship with modular payload under the 1st phase of the Air Force "Afwerx" contract aerial transport platform for civilian and military support missions.


The partners have recently leveraged proprietary aerospace software for the design of a sub-scale flying prototype which, starting in late summer, will serve as a platform for testing and data collection in preparation for a proposed full-scale vehicle with modular composite structures to lighten the aerial platform. Additional payload capability could include eVTOL drones, launched and recovered via the airship (DATT System).


Also, the DATT SMA 600 semi-rigid airship is being designed with a modular hull configuration to enter into the heavy lift and transportation markets. (ah)





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