• The new vessel in Gothenburg.


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DFDS strengthens ro-ro link between Belgium and Sweden

The ferry operator DFDS is bringing a new vessel into service with double capacity in comparison to its predecessor. The newly built “Hollandia Seaways” is one of the largest ro-ro vessels in the world and will increase capacity to and from the port of Gothenburg (Sweden) by over 600 trailers per week.


This newbuild, recently delivered from the Jinling Shipyard in China, is 237.4 m long and 33 m wide. It can carry up to 450 trailers. Compared with its predecessor, “Petunia Seaways”, the increase in capacity is around 50%, and overall the new vessel is more fuel-efficient. Apart from DFDS, the shipping companies CLdN and EML also operate between Belgium and Gothenburg.


2018 was the ninth year in succession that traffic increased on the routes between Gothenburg and the Belgian ports of Ghent and Zeebrugge. During that period, volumes to Belgium doubled and the number of departures rose from 12 to 16. (fd)




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