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DHL tests cargo bikes in New York

DHL is launching its cubicycle in New York City. As part of a trial programme the company is testing the deployment of up to eight cargo bicycles, in order to take the weight off road traffic and reduce air and noise pollution.


 “Cargo bicycles have an important role to play in our efforts to achieve our environmental targets. Every such bike makes sure that there is one traditional delivery vehicle less on our streets,” says Mike Parra, CEO of DHL Express Americas.


During the trial period the cubicyles are tested by DHL, Amazon and UPS. The traffic authority will collect data on the speed and parking behaviour, the use of cycle tracks and the size of the cargo bicycles and then determine whether these bikes present an efficient way to ease road traffic.


DHL started to use bicycles as an alternative means of delivering consignments in city centres already early on. The cubicycle was introduced in the Netherlands in 2015. It is now being used in Germany, Belgiulm and Singapore. (mw)




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