• Photo: Port of Gothenburg

15.05.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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Digitised process cuts CO2 at port of Gothenburg

The port of Gothenburg has introduced "Digital Port Call," a platform aimed at digitalising the vessel arrival process to boost efficiency and sustainability. As Scandinavia's largest port, with 6,000 annual ship calls, the hub requires extensive coordination among numerous actors.


The platform streamlines data from shipping companies, terminals, tugboats, pilots, boatmen, and traffic planners, enhancing situational awareness and data-driven decision-making. This enables just-in-time arrivals, avoids rushes into the port area and allows for eco-friendly speeds, improving resource planning and minimising disruptions.


Inter Terminals, a partner in Gothenburg’s Energy Port, supports the initiative, noting its potential to improve information flow and cut fuel consumption. The port of Gothenburg expects a reduction of 6,000 t of CO2 emissions annually due to decreased anchorage and berth times.


Additionally, slow steaming from previous ports will further reduce emissions outside the port area. Overall, Digital Port Call offers better predictability, efficient resource use, and significant environmental benefits. (pb)




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