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Drivers and IT staff drive prices up

The trans-o-flex logistics group is planning to adjust freight prices by 4.9 % as of 1 January 2020. “This increase in costs, which we are thus passing on, is primarily driven by higher personnel expenses,” says Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex.


“Additional cost drivers include energy and insurance and, last but not least, investments in digitisation projects that are demanded by all companies in the logistics sector.” In the personnel sector, the shortage of drivers apparent in the entire transport industry in Germany is driving up costs. According to estimates published by professional associations in the transport sector, around 150,000 drivers will be missing in Germany by 2020, with the situation expected to worsen in the coming years.


“At trans-o-flex, we do everything we can to retain good drivers and attract new ones,” says the managing director. “It is not least for this reason that, this year, we founded our own company for the training and further education of our employees, with a focus on the qualification of driving personnel.” According to Albeck, however, all attempts to counter the lack of qualified drivers entail additional costs. (mw)


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