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Dronamics' busy day in Dubai

Yesterday, 15 November 2023, was a busy day for Dronamics, which is exhibiting at this year's Dubai Airshow as part of the Strategic Development Fund (SDF) static park.


Only a few hours after announcing that the cargo drone airline and SDF had signed a term sheet to set-up a joint venture (JV) to produce the Black Swan cargo drones, Dronamics and Aramex inked a letter of intent (LOI) agreement for cargo drone flights leveraging Dronamics’ technology and the fleet management capabilities of the global express logistics provider based in Dubai.


Alaa Saoudi, Aramex COO – express management (left, with Dronamics co-founder and CEO Svilen Rangelov): "This aligns well with our continuing efforts towards harnessing innovation for enhanced operational efficiency, providing an exceptional customer experience, and minimising our carbon footprint in the UAE and in our global operations." (ah)




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