• Photo: Namura Shipbuilding


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Eco-friendly winds from Japan

Japan-based shipbuilder Namura Shipbuilding and operator NS United Kaiun Kaisha have entered into a partner agreement for a joint research project aimed at developing a wind-powered system.


Following the International Maritime Organisation’s decarbonisation targets to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 from 2008’s levels and cut at least 50% of the shipping industry’s total greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the Japanese government has set itself a goal of 46% reduction by 2030, which will require the development of new fuel efficient technology.


In the joint project with NS United Kaiun, Namura has applied for a patent on a sail system in which extending sails are located under deck between the holds of a ship.


In use, the sails are elevated above deck and can also be extended laterally to increase the sail surface and hence the propulsion effect. The initial intention is to install the system on a 183,000dwt capesize bulk carrier. (cd)




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