• Pietro Porro, chairman of UBV Group (left) and Alfio Centocinque, general manager of freight in Ekol. Photo: Ekol


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Ekol Logistics and UBV join forces

Ekol and UBV have decided to take another step forward to strengthen their market position in Europe and have signed a long-term exclusive cooperation agreement. UBV is a large international groupage transportation company and Ekol Logistics is a 3PL company that specialises not only in comprehensive logistics services but also in intermodal transport.


Ekol will retain its presence in Italy with newly set-up Ekol freight services - assisting UBV in their sales development for Ekol countries and keeping an operational setup within UBV’s offices, promoting operational excellence. Both companies have agreed on a growth plan, and plan to increase the current number 150,000 orders per year to 300,000 orders per year in three years’ time.


The plan is also to offer a 96 hours’ service between Turkey and Italy. Another aim is to connect Barcelona six times per week with daily 24h connections to five main destinations in the northern and central Italy. The plan is to offer daily connection also to Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, the Basque Country and Galicia in Spain. (mw)




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