• Photo: Christophe Ramage, ARTTIC 2019


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Energy Globe award for sun-to-liquid project

A European research project on solar power production, called ‘sun-to-liquid’, has been given the 22nd Energy Globe World Award in the category ‘fire’ by Austria’s Energy Globe Foundation, which is dedicated to projects on sustainable energy technologies.


The sun-to-liquid solar power plant in Móstoles near Madrid (pictured) is considered one of the best projects for new approaches that go easier on the environment. In 2019 scientists managed for the first time to produce kerosine in industrial quantities out of water, CO2 and concentrated sunlight.


Professor Aldo Steinfeld of the ETH Zurich, who is in charge of developing the solar-thermo-chemical reactor, said that “the sun-to-liquid reactor technology and the integrated chemical plant have been validated under typical conditions for industrial fuel production.” (cj)


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