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Estonian cargo carrier leases AN-26 from Ukraine

Avem Aero has grown its Saab 340 fleet with a new aircraft, an AN-26 leased from the Ukrainian airline Constanta by an aircraft lease agreement without a due date. The Estonia-based cargo carrier is planning to deliver oil well equipment and other outsize freight to Sweden, Finland and Norway. The countries will be new destinations for the "go now" carrier and complement its current urgent operations.


Avem Aero is also launching air freight charters, with the AN-26 being used for both activities. There are many Saab and technically similar aircraft types already available on the market, while there are only five AN-26 aircraft in operation, so Avem Aero sees "a relatively free niche".


AN-26 ramp slides under the fuselage or lowers down to the ground, ensuring also quick loading and unloading operations.


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