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Eurasian train now connects more terminals

Russia's Far East Land Bridge (Felb) is extending the service of its weekly eastbound speed-train service between Duisburg (Germany) and Suzhou (China). The train will now be extended to other European departure terminals which, combined with the standard transit time, guarantees a reduced rate, according Felb.

The additional departure locations are in Germany (Hamburg and Munich), Italy (Milan) and Poland (Warsaw and Malaszewicze). Transit time from Duisburg to Suzhou comes 16 to 18 days; from Hamburg and Munich (the Regensburg empties depot is served at the latter) it amounts to 22 to 24 days, from Milan it comes to 20 to 22 days, from Warsaw around 21 to 23 days and from Malaszewicze 19 to 21 days. (ben)


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