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European airports cautiously optimistic

The European airport trade body, ACI Europe yesterday (6 February) struck a cautiously positive note as it released its traffic results for full year 2013 across the entire European airport network (overall freight traffic +0.8%).


Olivier Jankovec, ACI Europe's director general, noted that the recovery in freight still lagged behind the upsurge in passenger traffic, with overall freight volumes in 2013 below 2010 levels. He said, "freight traffic kept suffering from weak domestic consumption in Europe and from slower economic growth in Asia and Latin America. But it was also affected by more structural factors – including the miniaturisation trend in consumer goods and a shift away from just-in-time production, both of which drove volumes down. All on top of renewed competitive pressures from other modes of transport."


Four airports handled more than 1 million t of freight:, Frankfurt (2.016 million t, +1.5%), Paris CDG (1.872 million t, -4%), Amsterdam (1.531 million t, +3.2%) and London Heathrow (1.423 million t, -2.8%).


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