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03.04.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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Expediting an engine shipment

B&H Worldwide has successfully moved two CFM56 aircraft in an unexpected last-minute operation. T’Way Air, a South Korean low-cost carrier, encountered an unprecedented situation when a bird strike grounded one of its aircraft. This meant that it required the immediate return of the engine it had sent to Singapore for servicing.


However, due to regulations, Korean Airlines only ships dangerous goods out of Singapore on Fridays. As T’Way Air needed the engine by Wednesday, a special operation was required. In collaboration with ST Engineering Aerospace Engine Centre, B&H Worldwide worked to confirm that the engine had been purged of flammable liquids and could thus be shipped on a regular flight to Incheon Airport.


B&H Worldwide's expertise in engine handling ensured the swift and cost-effective movement of both engines, which arrived just in time. (mk)





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