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Fagagnini takes his leave in St Gallen

Professor Hans Peter Fagagnini took on the role of senior advisor to the chair for logistics management at St Gallen University (LOG-HSG/Switzerland) in 2006.


Thanks to his strong support, bolstered by his “hybrid” background as an HSG honorary professor and a leading executive in the world of work, the university was able to achieve a successful turnaround in the years 2006 and 2007, and further develop the logistics chair.


As first executive committee president, Fagagnini made a sustainable impact on the logistics department from 2009 on until just over a month ago when he celebrated his departure at a team meeting.


The post of executive committee president of LOG-HSG was shouldered by Professor Hato Schmeiser, chair and managing director of the Institute of Insurance at St Gallen University, in December 2016.




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