• Photo: CBP


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Fake handbags and Covid-19 test kits intercepted

US customs and border Protection (CBP) officers seized a shipment of 32 counterfeit designer brand handbags on 10 March 2020 that arrived in Philadelphia in an express delivery parcel from Turkey.


This is the second significant shipment of this kind recently seized at PHL (retail price of USD 113,683, if genuine), following the USD 317,080 in counterfeit designer brand products seized exactly one month ago.


One week ago, CDB officers at Chicago ORD international mail facility intercepted packages containing prohibited medical drug kits arriving from the UK, especially "test kits" for various viruses and diseases. Not all the Covid-19 test kits were in each parcel, and there was generally just one Covid-19 test kit within groups of other alleged test kits for meningitis, IVF, MRSA and others. (ah)




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