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Fast charging station for e-trucks in Neuss

The container terminal Neuss, Germany, is the first in the Contargo network to acquire a fast charging station for "refuelling" its e-trucks. Effective immediately, both fully electric semi trailers at the location can re-charge speedily at a 150 kW charging post – in only two and a half hours.


At the Neuss terminal, the company deploys two 550 kW / 748 HP EF18 SZM trailers of E-Force One for local container transports. The structurally identical vehicles have batteries with a capacity of 340 Kwh, providing them with a range of at least 200 km and a maximum speed of 87 km/h.


In addition to the e-trucks in Neuss, Contargo is currently participating in a project to test a hybrid trolley truck in Hesse in west-central Germany. (ben)




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