• Sealed containers on the move. (Foto: Circle Touch)


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Fast lane between Casablanca and La Spezia

North Africa and Europe are getting closer now that the ports of Casablance and La Spezia have adopted a new approach in cargo handling. Thanks to the European project Fenix, a new international fast & secure trade lane will be established.


In addition to the Port Authority of Eastern Ligurian Sea, the companies Tarros Group and Circle are the main players. The first phase of the pilot project was completed just recently.


Data exchange among all players involved in the trade lane and the interoperability of the information systems used by the ports of La Spezia and Casablanca is key.


On the basis of the MoU signed by the Port Authority and Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP), involving Casablanca Terminal and Tarros Maroc, antennas, e-seals and readers are the “material” resources that are positioned near the gates to autodetect RFID seals placed on containers and control entrances - and thus make cargo flows faster and easier to handle. (cd)




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