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Fedex purchases up to 50 ATR 72-600Fs

Fedex Express and ATR have signed a major contract for the firm purchase of 30 ATR 72-600s plus 20 options. These aircraft will be the first new ATRs to be directly delivered from the factory in a freighter configuration. This aircraft version, designated as the ATR 72-600F, has a brand new windowless fuselage and is equipped with a forward large cargo door and a rear upper hinged cargo door.


Deliveries will begin in 2020. The new units are also the first ATR 72-600s that will operate in a cargo configuration, featuring a bulk capacity of 74.6 cbm, and when in ULD mode, can accommodate up to seven LD3 containers, or five 88” x 108”, or nine 88” x 62” pallets. They are also equipped with new reinforced floor panels. (ah)


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