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First A380 to donate spare parts

Tarmac Aerosave has completed the first-ever A380 dismantling project. A B check will take place in March. The French aircraft storage, maintenance and recycling company managed this project in collaboration with the aircraft owner, Dr Peters, a German leasing company, and the end-of-life manager, the USA-based company VAS Aero Services, for the sale of the spare parts that are now available on the pre-owned market.


This A380 benefited from eco-responsible services (cold-cutting, lubricating, draining, selective sorting), which made it possible to recycle over 90% of the overall mass.


A second dismantling project is underway. Tarmac Aerosave is in fact offering its hangars and parking areas that have been specially built for the A380, on its site in Tarbes. The same capacity is being developed in Teruel, Spain. (ah)


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