• Photo: Rock-it Cargo


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First e-ATA carnet issued in the USA

Los Angeles-based Rock-it Cargo has issued and processed the first US digital ATA carnet for a time-critical hand-carry shipment from New York to London. It was used to ship microphones, designed by Emmy Award-winning costume designer Perry Meek, to this year’s TPI awards ceremony, which takes place in the British capital today, 26 February 2024.


The so-called "passport for goods" is an international customs document that permits the temporary, duty-free, and tax-free import of commercial goods. Amanda Barlow (left), VP of risk management and business affairs, Rock-it Cargo: "Like other legacy paper processes, if it does not modernise and become a digital solution, then touring artists and other traditional ATA carnet users will no longer experience the positive benefits from using these documents." (ah)


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