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First e-truck for Swiss forwarder

Edi Bürgin, managing director of E. Bürgin Transporte based in Stetten in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), had been talking about acquiring an electric truck for years. In December, the time had come. The haulier was the first Swiss customer to take a Scania battery electric vehicle (BEV) into service.


However, there were a few hurdles to overcome before the handover. Firstly, a driving profile of the transport routes had to be created. Then the vehicle was tested in a field trial.


With a daily mileage of up to 120 km, divided into 1 km, 2 km or up to 10 km long trips, it became apparent that the BEV Scania can fully exploit its advantages over a diesel-powered vehicle, and that, as an additional asset, it is much quieter and completely CO2-free. Bürgin is already planning to add more e-trucks to the fleet. (ben)




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