• Photo: KLM; graph: TU Delft


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"Flying-V" celebrates successful maiden flight

The 3 m wide and 22.5 kg heavy scale model of the "Flying-V" has flown for the first time. A year and a half ago TU Delft and KLM announced the start of the design of this aircraft of the future and after extensive wind tunnel tests and ground tests it was finally ready. It completed its first successful test this summer.


The design of the long-distance aeroplane integrates the passenger cabin, the cargo hold (in grey) and the fuel tanks in the wings, creating its spectacular shape. Computer calculations predict that the aircraft’s improved aerodynamics and reduced weight will cut fuel consumption by 20% compared to today’s most advanced aircraft.


A spokesperson told ITJ, that its standard capacity would be about 314 passengers and 160 cbm space for cargo, "comparable to the current A350". (ah)


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