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For a joint study of ammonia

The Japanese carrier MOL will cooperate with Jera to launch a study of transporting ammonia to be used as fuel. Jera is currently the major power generation company in Japan, producing about 30% of the country's electricity. One purpose of the study is to assess shipments to Jera’s Hekinan Power Station in Aichi Prefecture, which is slated to start commercial operation in the late 2020s.


Ammonia is currently mainly used as a raw material for fertilisers. However, now that it is emerging as an alternative fuel in shipping that does not emit carbon dioxide during combustion, large-scale demand for ammonia is expected in the future, particularly for co-firing and as a hydrogen carrier in coal-fired power plants.


Based on the now-signed MoU, MOL will team up with Jera to develop a large ammonia carrier and establish a safe transport system. (sh)




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