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Frankfurt to be Europe's largest certified pharma hub

Frankfurt, the German airfreight hub, is noted for the rapid, safe and reliable delivery of temperature and time sensitive goods, specifically pharmaceutical shipments such as vaccines or medicine.


The Perishable Center and Bolloré Logistics Germany, as local players, have already successfully completed the Iata CEIV pharma certification and numerous other companies, which all contribute to more than 100,000 t of pharmaceutical freight handled per year, are currently aiming to obtain that certification, supported by the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt. Their common goal is to see Frankfurt become the largest certified pharmaceutical gateway in Europe.


Glyn Hughes, Iata’s global head of cargo, commented, "we are very pleased to have Frankfurt, as one of the major pharmaceutical hubs, recognize the obvious benefits of the Iata CEIV pharma standards. The collective approach to certify across corporate boundaries and for every relevant part of the process chain cannot be stressed enough."




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