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Free capacities in Jadeweserport

In Q1/2021, the Jadeweserport Wilhelmshaven can offer what has become a rare commodity in many ports of Europe's northern range, namely available transhipment and cargo handling capacities.


With full terminals in the western ports and therefore restrictions in the intake and storage of containers, the Jadeweserport Wilhelmshaven points to its advantages of shorter transit times for fine distribution to destinations in the hinterland.


The rerouting of the volumes to Wilhelmshaven guarantees that shipping companies and logistics providers can again count on the reliability and punctuality of their supply chains and avoid costly detours on the road.


Andreas Bullwinkel, MD of the Jade Weser Port-Marketing Gesellschaft: "Rerouting the traffic to the CT Wilhelmshaven destination is no great problem, since many train services already pass through the Maschen hub and therefore can be regrouped at short notice. And truck traffic is so flexible anyway, so it can be switched to other routes in no time at all." (sh)




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