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Fresh burgers and buns thanks to QSL The Austrian restaurant chain Burgerista is banking on the end-to-end logistics service provider Meyer Quick Service Logistics (QSL). The company now manages Burgerista’s entire supply chain from delivering goods and operative procurement through to storage and picking. The “burger and buns” provider currently has nine restaurants in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg (all Austria).

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QSL already supplies the Burgerista restaurants in Germany, and this gives rise to useful synergy effects for the burger chain as system costs are substantially lowered with a centrally managed supply chain.

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At the start of the QSL/Burgerista partnership, the two companies agreed to a gradual expansion. From Burgerista’s point of view, QSL’s existing pan-European network was a point in favour for the logistics partner, given that the restaurant chain wants to expand in more neighbouring countries in the long term. (mw)

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