• Figures from 1 January to 22 November 2022 (Chart: Four Kites).


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From coast to coast

Chicago-based intelligence provider Four Kites is seeing a shift in US trade. Since strikes and port congestion spilled over West Coast ports like Los Angeles and Oakland over the past year, many shippers have opted for ports along the US East Coast.


As of August 2021, US West Coast ports accounted for 48% of import shipments compared to 52% for the East Coast. Over the past several months, this proportion has been shifting increasingly towards East Coast ports, with the West Coast only accounting for 38% of imports compared to 62% for the East Coast as of October 2022.


This follows reports of record port volumes in New York this year, and a decrease in ocean shipments from China to the US West Coast, as Four Kites has previously reported. (sh)




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